The faster screw - the stronger nail

SCRAIL® nail screw fasteners combine the advantages of both fastening worlds: Fast processing, maximum holding force and full flexibility. Perfect for all companies that want to implement their projects highly efficiently, with maximum flexibility and in accordance with the requirements of the circular economy in terms of recyclability.

SCRAIL® Nail Screw Fasteners
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the scrail® principle

SCRAIL® nail screw fasteners are processed twice faster than collated screws and eight times faster than bulk screws. They can be used for almost all screw applications and are driven like a normal nail with a conventional pneumatic nailer (e.g. FASCO® Tool in the SCRAIL® Edition = SCRAILer) at lightning speed. Due to its thread, the SCRAIL® achieves approx. 80 % and more of the holding force of a screw. An additional advantage over magazine-loaded nails results from the adjustability. SCRAIL® nail screw fasteners can be returned and unscrewed after insertion.


  • Can be processed with common pneumatic nailers (except our special SCRAIL® ROOFLOC® and INVISIDECK®)
  • 2 times faster than collated screws
  • 8 times faster than bulk screws
  • Saves time and labor costs
  • Can be used for almost all screw applications
  • Quick to process and easily removed if required
  • Enormously increased holding power compared to nails
  • Successfully in use since 1998

scrail® applications

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For use in applications as diverse as life can be

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scrail® overview


Inner Diameter: 2,8 mm                          

Outer Diameter: 3,2 mm


For best withdrawal values.

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Inner Diameter: 2,8 mm                             

Outer Diameter: 3,5 mm


Provides best removal performance.

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Inner Diameter: 2,8 mm

Outer Diameter: 3,2 mm

Extremely high holding power in steel profiles up to a thickness of 1.6 mm and aluminium profiles of up to 2.5 mm.

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Inner Diameter: 2,8 mm

Outer Diameter: 3,2 mm

Aggressive double threads in combination with DIAMOND COATING for squeakless subfloors

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Inner Diameter: 2,8 | 2,9 mm

Outer Diameter: 3,2 | 3,3

Fine Thread SCRAIL® with a blunt “splitless” diamond point and DIAMOND COATING for splitless wood-working.

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Inner Diameter: 3,8 mm 

Outer Diameter: 4,2 mm

SteelThread thread with UV resistant EPDM washer and superior corrosion resistance.

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Inner Diameter: 3,8 mm 

Outer Diameter: 4,2 mm

Withstands high shear forces in wood-to-wood applications.

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drive types

Star (Torx®)
Pozi (Pozidriv®)

"The cooperation between the companies BECK and Alsafix works wonderfully through simple and effective discussions in the interest of fastening technology. We share the same vision through the development of innovative products for industry and construction. Beck has that openness and is not afraid to take significant financial risks to serve innovation."

Romuald Roeckel
CEO Alsafix


The word SCRAIL® is derived from the English terms screw and nail because SCRAIL® nail screw fasteners combine the advantages of both fasteners: quick processing, maximum holding power and full flexibility.

The main difference is that screws are screwed in, while SCRAIL® nail screw fasteners are shot. This results in an enormous time advantage.

Clearly in the time advantage. BECK's SCRAIL® nail screw fasteners can be processed 8 times faster than bulk screws.

SCRAIL® nail screw fasteners can be used for most applications in which screws are usually utilized, such as terrace construction, facades, subfloors, garden furniture, fences, metal roofs and much more. In addition to standard nail screw fasteners, BECK also offers a wide range of specially developed SCRAIL® nail screw fasteners for special applications.

Yes, as most SCRAIL® nail screw fasteners are available with CE approval.

our special scrail® systems

Scrail Application Subflooring

scrail® subloc® pro

Put an end to squeaky subfloors with the SCRAIL® SUBLOC® PRO system from BECK. Find out now about the special SCRAIL® system for squeak-free subfloors.

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Scrail Invisideck metal connection iclip

scrail® invisideck

Discover now our specially developed SCRAIL® blind fastening system for terrace construction. With BECK's INVISIDECK® Hidden SCRAIL® System, you can install decking without visible or noticeable fasteners in one-fifth the time compared to screw methods.

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Fasco Splitless Coil

scrail® splitless

The new SCRAIL® SPLITLESS system from BECK is perfect for the extremely fast installation of solid wood decking boards and similar applications such as the installation of footpaths, boardwalks or wooden promenades. Benefit from the specially developed blunt tip that greatly reduces wood splitting in both the deck layer and the substructure. With the FASCO® F70G gas strip nailer, cordless installation is also assured.

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Scrail Application Roofing

scrail® roofloc®

With the specially developed SCRAIL® ROOFLOC® system from BECK, you can now install roofs and façades made of trapezoidal sheet metal even faster than with comparable systems in metal-to-wood applications. Learn more about the special system for roofing.

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" We got to know Beck as one of the most innovative companies in our industry. They are quick, flexible, and they design their products according to the needs of our market. We really appreciate this cooperation."

James Currie
National Sales Director DELFAST

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