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Fixing car seat upholstery and vehicle fittings with BECK

Cars have to be high quality - so what's inside them has to be, too. Our FASCO® fine wire staples and hog rings meet the highest quality standards. That's why they are ideal for applications such as trim, car seat upholstery and interior trim. In addition to fasteners, our product portfolio naturally includes the matching tools. Interested?

fine wire staple

FASCO® Fine Wire Staples

FASCO® fine wire staples can be used in a wide variety of materials and surfaces. They are available in different materials and convince with a tip geometry adapted to the application. This makes them ideal for fastening vehicle fittings, upholstery and covers.

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BFM Hogring Staff

FASCO® Hog Rings

Our assortment includes a wide range of hog rings and corresponding tools for the production of car seats. Highest quality and durability make them ideal products - especially for the automotive industry.

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