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Textile Industry & Shoe Manufacturing

Attach and fix labels, fabrics and leather with BECK

The textile industry & shoe manufacturing has specific requirements for fasteners. Staplers must be light, handy, fast, extremely precise and of high quality. The staples, however, should fix well and be made of thin wire so that they cause as little damage as possible to textiles, fabrics or leather. We can do that. Since many years.

fine wire staple

Fine Wire Staples

We offer a wide range of fine wire staples for attaching labels to textiles, fabrics or leather and for the production of shoes.

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Fine Wire Staplers

Our globally appreciated FASCO® F1B fine wire staplers are lightweight, versatile and exceptionally durable due to particularly robust materials. In addition to the standard version, there is also a wide range of variants with automatic, extended magazine capacity and special nose types.

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