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The BECK brand

The pioneer in the fastening technology

The global BECK brand is deeply rooted in the fastening technology and looks back on a long tradition as one of the pioneers of the industry. It therefore contains a very special passion, in-house wealth of experience and the cross-industry know-how of more than 115 years. Our mission is to offer our customers the highest quality as well as perfect, customized solutions for their complex challenges in fastening technology. As a provider of ideas as well as a realizer of ideas.  Because we love what we do, we never stand still and are always developing ourselves and our work. We strive to create completely new connections, to shape the future. We know that the future can only be shaped by rethinking things from the ground up, crossing boundaries and taking unconventional paths. Because only those who also imagine a world without metal can, for example, reinvent a nail made of wood and thus open up completely new perspectives for their customers. We are cooperative, curious, passionate, creative, challenging, original and sometimes a little rebellious. We call our claim: BEYOND FASTENING. Because we want to offer our customers so much more than just fastening systems by the way we think and act.


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Brand Overview



FASCO® is the widest range of standard fasteners and tools on the market, from all staples to pins to collated nails made of various materials, as well as the corresponding pneumatic tools with more than 100 different models.

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BECK brand Scrail


SCRAIL® nail screws combine the advantages of nails and screws: fast processing, maximum holding power and full flexibility. In a wide range of application areas

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BECK brand Lignoloc


The first collated nail made of wood is available with and without a head and can be used in a variety of ways. Whether for interior timber cladding, wooden furniture, exterior façades or for the production of cross-laminated timber or solid wood wall systems: The nails are easy to shoot with the FASCO® pneumatic nailers in the LIGNOLOC® Edition.

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BECK brand ET&F


ET&F fastening systems are our products for use in light gauge steel construction. Special nails with a ballistic point that penetrate even the hardest substrates. The appropriate tools are readily available.

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BECK brand clip systems


A wide range of aluminum clips, manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic clippers and accessories such as loops and cords: CLIP SYSTEMS is our complete program for the meat processing industry.

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BECK brand Maga


The innovative meat press for even plating of different types of meat is perfect for use in gastronomy and catering.      

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