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with Lignoloc lift a car

Lifting a car using LIGNOLOC® wooden nails

A crane, a few wooden nails - and already a car is lifted up in the air. With LIGNOLOC®, the first collated nail made of wood. Now even with German technical approval.

BECK headquarter in Mauerkirchen

BECK Fastening - Production in Austria

BECK Fastening (Raimund Beck KG, Mauerkirchen) gives some rare and detailed insights into the production facility in Austria, including: Polywire Staple Production, Roll Staple Production, Nail Manufacture, Plastic Sheet Production, Plastic Sheet Collation, LIGNOLOC® Collation, Plastic Strip Collation, Wire Collation, Paper Tape Collation, Wireband Production, Fine Wire Staple Press Production, SCRAIL® Manufacture, Aluminium Clips Production and Heavy Duty Staple Press Production.

FASCO Italy company

BECK Fastening - Production at FASCO® in Italy

BECK Fastening - some insights into the production of FASCO® pneumatic tools at the production site in Italy.

CEO Christian Beck in his office

Greener home construction with LIGNOLOC®

The mission of BECK is to make home construction greener, cleaner and better. LIGNOLOC® was announced Winner of the Green Product Award 2018 and received the Green Product Award Special Prize in the category Handcraft in 2019. LIGNOLOC® nails have outstanding eco-friendly properties and cause 66 percent less CO2 emission compared to conventional steel fastening systems.

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