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The perfect corrosion protection for outdoor applications

FASCOAT® coating

We have the right coating and the right material for the required protection in your SCRAIL® application in our program. Stainless steel is not economical for your application? And electro-galvanized does not offer you the desired corrosion protection? Then our FASCOAT® coating is the right choice. BECK's FASCOAT® coating, which was specially developed for outdoor applications, offers extreme corrosion protection and an ideal price-performance ratio. SCRAIL® nail screws coated with FASCOAT® are ideal for façades and for use in outdoor applications with the exception of coastal areas and in the vicinity of industrial plants.

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FASCOAT® - tested corrosion protection

The results of the salt spray test (according to ASTM B117) and Kesternicht test (ISO 3231) are convincing.

Conducted by recognized, leading and independent laboratories in the USA and Europe, they confirm that FASCOAT® withstands salt spray for up to 1500 hours or more until the first sign of red rust appears.

Corrosion protection? Guaranteed!

BECK warrants to the original retail customer that their FASCOAT® coated fasteners will not rust under normal environmental conditions. The warranty is not transferable and is limited to the replacement or refund of the SCRAIL® products in question which are corroded or otherwise defective. It does not cover incidental or consequential damages or losses of any kind.

What else is not covered by the warranty?

  • Improper use or assembly of the fasteners leading to the removal of the coating
  • Improper use or installation of the fasteners resulting in excessive contact with water or moisture 
  • Use of the fasteners in coastal areas and/or in direct contact with high salinity such as in salt water, splash water, road salt, hydrochloric acid, chlorinated environments, etc. (Please note that only our stainless steel fasteners are suitable for use in coastal areas characterized by extremely salty air and/or high humidity.) 
  • Use of fasteners in dissimilar metals, which can lead to uncontrollable contact corrosion and accelerated corrosion 
  • Fastening of rotten or decomposing material 
  • Damage resulting from neglect, improper use, modifications made, or accidents

How can you claim warranty service?

Simple. Send us, using the contact information below, all defective fasteners, the materials used (the deck material and the receiving material), photos of the failed project, and the receipt from the retailer where you purchased the fasteners.

For USA and Canada customers: please also send us your social security or business tax number for the address where the replacement products should be sent. This is a U.S. Department of Safety requirement for all shipments sent to the United States from abroad.


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FASCOAT® warranty

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