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High-quality fastening systems and solutions from BECK for planking, roofing or roof constructions

We produce a wide range of fastening systems and completely individual solutions for roofing, suitable for the most diverse requirements. We offer products whether for lathing, insulating, sheathing or roofing with a wide range of materials such as bitumen, slates, trapezoidal sheets or classic roof tiles.

Roofloc application on roof

scrail® roofloc® system

The innovative SCRAIL® ROOFLOC system is perfect for installing quickly and efficiently roofs and façades made of trapezoidal sheet metal. Learn more about the special system developed by BECK for fastening sheet metal roofs & sheet metal façades to wood.

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Worker shoot roofing hooks

Slate Hook System

Install slate hooks even faster and more efficiently now with the professional FASCO® slate hook system from BECK. Convince yourself of the benefits of the system, consisting of collated slate hooks and the matching slate hook tool.

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