Printer Karl Beck 1904

Our history

From a print shop to a pioneer in the fastening industry

Our story begins - like the start of many good stories - with a problem. In 1904, Karl Beck started the family business as a print store. As a trained printer and businessman, his son Raimund Beck very quickly realized that there was no way around the stapling of high-quality print products in the future. Therefore, in 1933, he secured the production rights in accordance with the patent and began manufacturing the world's first collated staples. In doing so, he laid the foundation of our family business. Today, BECK is one of the world's leading premium manufacturers of fastening systems and solutions and continues to drive the original pioneering idea forward.

In 1976, his son Günther Beck takes over. The industrial engineer focuses entirely on internationalization and the consistent expansion into a system provider, thus driving the company to new heights. Full of pioneering spirit, he breaks new ground. At the end of the 1970s, for example, BECK was the first supplier in the industry to introduce a standardized, generic fastener program as an alternative to the branded programs that had dominated the American market until then. To this day, this is considered a trend-setting step for the entire industry.

In 2018, Christian Beck becomes the new CEO. He repositions the company and focuses entirely on innovation and on the BECK brand . SCRAIL ®, LIGNOLOC ® and innovative solutions in the field of automation are inspiring - just like the new corporate direction. Since 1904, we have always changed and developed, celebrated milestones and breakthroughs, but also mastered the one or the other challenge together. What has remained is our uncompromising quality, our passion for innovation and our pioneering spirit. You can rely on that.

"We are entrepreneurs and not slackers."

Raimund Beck late 1960s early 1970s
Raimund Beck

Milestones in our history

From 1904 to today

Beck company founded in 1904
Establishement by Karl Beck

Karl Beck establishes the company as a printing shop in Wildstein/Eger situated in today’s Czech Republic.

Production of glued staples in 1933
Production start of first glued staple

Production of the first glued staples worldwide.

Raimund Beck early years
Takeover Raimund Beck

Raimund Beck takes over leadership from his father Karl.

Beck history company 1949

After a transitional phase in the post-war years the company is built up anew in Waldkraiburg.

Beck founded Mauerkirchen in 1967
Subsidiary Mauerkirchen

A subsidiary of the company is established in Mauerkirchen, today’s headquarters of the group.

Nailer collation
Beginning of nail collation

BECK builds its first nail collator and successively expands the production portfolio to include all 5 nail collation types.

Company entry Günther Beck
Günther Beck takes over

Günther Beck takes over leadership from his father Raimund.

Late 70s
Beck fastener program US market
Implementation of a new standardized fastener program in the US

BECK develops a standardized fastener program for the US market as an alternative to the brand programs previously dominant.

Fasco company 1989
Takeover of tool manufacturer FASCO Italy

Takeover of FASCO Italy, a manufacturer of pneumatic tools.

Beck Sales Center Muscle Shoals
Takeover FASCO America

The acquisition of FASCO America in Muscle Shoals, Alabama brings forth the North American distribution center of BECK.

Production nail screws 1998
First SCRAIL® nail screw fasteners

Production of the first nail screws worldwide.

Gutenstein headquarter
Take over nail companies

BECK takes over both Austrian nail companies Carl Schmid (1998) and Austria Wire (2002) and consolidates them at the Gutenstein/Lower Austria site.

Scrail Logo 2008

Brand relaunch of the innovative product group SCRAIL®.

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China BMP headquarter
BECK Metal Products

Establishment of BECK Metal Products in Kunshan/China to produce wire strips for further processing in Germany and Austria.

Beck Headquarter Mauerkirchen
Consolidation of production

Consolidation of production in Germany, Lower Austria and China by merging at the headquarters in Mauerkirchen/Austria.

Zu unseren Standorten
Beck ETF Fastening Ohio
Acquisition ET&F

With the acquisition of ET&F Fastening Systems, Inc. in Ohio/Cleveland, BECK expands its portfolio with fastening systems for steel and light metal construction.

Beck development of Lignoloc 2017
LIGNOLOC® wooden nail technology

Development of LIGNOLOC®, the first collated nail made of wood.

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Christian Beck 4th generation
Christian Beck

Since February 2018, Christian Beck represents the fourth generation to manage the family company. 

Beck Maga Poland
Takeover MAGA

With the acquisition of MAGA in Komorniki, Poland, BECK expands its portfolio with clip-machines for the food and food packaging industry.

Beck flags
Re-Branding & Automation

After a comprehensive brand relaunch, BECK presents itself with a new logo, new brand architecture and a fresh, innovative corporate design. Patenting of the world's first self-propelled nailing/stapling and milling robot.

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Robot Buga Pavillion 2019
Technology and Innovation Leader

BECK continues to drive forward its transformation into a technology and innovation leader, and thus achieves a new sales record in its history.

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Lignoloc 360 degree
Ecologization in timber construction

BECK is driving the ecologization of timber construction: the 360-degree approach of the LIGNOLOC® wooden nail system is being consistently continued with new developments.

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From 1904 to today