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Shaping the future of fastening technology - one idea at a time

We never stand still and constantly strive for innovations that are newer, better and more relevant. We enthusiastically shape a more sustainable and better future.

The fastening pioneer – now and then

When it comes to fastening technology and pioneering achievements, we already laid our foundation stone in 1933 with the production of the world's first glued staple. From then on, we have sustainably driven innovation in fastening technology - whether through the co-development of new nail collation types, the introduction of a standardized fastener program for the US market as an alternative to the branded programs that dominated until then, or the first professional, sustainable fastening system made from the renewable raw material wood. At BECK, we have a simple mission: to provide our customers with products that are relevant, offer top performance and clearly differentiate them from the competition. That's why innovation is clearly at the heart of everything we do.

Robot Buga Pavillion 2019

values we share


We don't want to be second or third, we want to be at the top of the podium. That's why we work every day to improve a little more and to inspire our customers.


We accept no limits in our creativity. Setting wholly new standards is our goal. Because only big ideas change the world.


When we work together, we keep all our promises. You can count on us. Because our word still has handshake quality.


The team comes first for us. Because each individual is only successful if the team is.

"In Motek's experience, BECK is always on the lookout for new solutions and delivers the best fasteners in the market. Not only have Motek and BECK a long history of good collaboration, but also a long and innovative future ahead of us."

Cato lokka
Marketing Director Motek
Lignoloc text small ways to make a big difference

Unique - by nature

Building sustainably and efficiently? How can that be done? With LIGNOLOC®, the innovative fastening system made from the renewable raw material wood! Sometimes it's the little things that make a big difference.

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astronoaut on the moon

Forever First

SCRAIL® nail screw fasteners from BECK were not only the first of their kind on the market, but are also the fastest to evolve from the original concept. We continue to work on and continuously improve the efficiency of SCRAIL® nail screw fasteners by developing specific SCRAIL® nail screw fasteners for very specific challenges.

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cooperation of BECK and Kehratec viualization of the automation road

Innovations for sustainable timber construction

Our goal is simple: sustainable construction with robots. With our innovation together with our partner KEHRATEC, we want to give timber construction companies a system to produce timber construction projects partially or fully automated.

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Jumbo Nails with Diamond Coating

more hold - less effort

More hold and less effort? How does that work? Quite simply, with BECK's patented DIAMOND COATING.

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“The Bayco family has had a relationship for over 45 years with generations of the Beck family. The support and commitment to partnership is unmatched in the industry. They are innovators, as well as,  the manufacturers of the finest quality fasteners in the world. Period.“

Kim kaestner
President Bayco Inc.

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