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Special at BAU and LIGNA - BECK and KEHRATEC demonstrate LIGNOLOC® Automation Solution

The wooden nail and the robot – the mission continues. And this time the nail shooting is real. Fastening pioneer BECK, and KEHRATEC, who is a leading specialist in the fields of robot automation, intralogistics, and process control systems, will be demonstrating the joint LIGNOLOC® pilot project at two trade fairs in 2023.
21. March 2023
Lignoloc large coil in the foreground with Fasco nail head for automation in the background

The two companies are working on the realization of a robot-assisted system for the fully or partially automated implementation of timber construction projects, particularly by pre-assembling completely glue-free and metal-free wall elements.

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Booth BAU 2023
See for yourself!

The system will be shown live in action at the BAU in Munich (April 17-22) and the LIGNA in Hanover (May 15-19). During the demonstrations, wall elements will be manufactured, in which the individual layers are attached by the robot with LIGNOLOC® wooden nails. A FASCO® nailing head, BECK‘s own brand of pneumatic tools, is used for driving in the nails. No pre-drilling is required for the collated wooden nails.

KehraTec Kuka Robot
Experience automation live

For CEO and General Manager Christian Beck, the advantages of robotics and ecological fastening technology in mass timber construction are obvious: “Small and medium-sized timber construction companies and carpenters throughout Europe should be able to manufacture metal- and glue-free mass timber wall elements themselves”, Beck explains the vision behind the project.

Beck Kehratec
System customized for you

The automation solution will be demonstrated at the BECK booth with an original KUKA robot and a wall section. For actual use, the system can be adapted to the needs of the customer. Our experts will be happy to advise you directly on site.

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“With the expansion of the LIGNOLOC® ecosystem in terms of compatibility with common processing solutions, as well as the co-engineering of the flexible, digital robot platform together with KEHRATEC, the use of mass timber elements becomes more flexible and the transport distances shorter. As a final consequence, it will be cheaper for many companies to manufacture mass timber elements themselves.”

Christian Beck 4th generation
Christian Beck
CEO & General Manager, BECK