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Clear brand promise and value compass at BECK – corporate culture with mission and vision

Fastening specialist Raimund Beck KG (Mauerkirchen) demonstrates how to live the values of a 118-year company history in a modern guise of the 21st century. Together, a new communication strategy for the corporate culture and a brand promise for the employees were developed.
20. June 2022
Beck Charta

For modern companies, they are a must-have – communication strategy and brand promise for existing and potential employees. A kind of common value compass that also represents differentiation. Particularly with regard to recruiting and onboarding, the topic nowadays plays an important role in both internal and external corporate communication.

It answers some important questions: How does the company tick? Which values guide its actions? Where does the company want to go strategically? Do employees and the company fit together, and can potential employees identify with the values?

In several intensive workshops, management, department heads and group and team leaders of the industrial employees worked together to develop a new communication strategy for the company culture and brand.

The results were summarized in four expressive slides:

  • 1. Direction by 2026
  • 2. The BECK Charter
  • 3. Our shared values
  • 4. The BECK employee promise

The messages are now communicated on signs, posters and table displays throughout the company. Content and materials were presented in an internal kick-off event, during which all workshop participants signed the BECK charter. From now on, this board, measuring around four by one and a half meters, can be found in a prominent place in the company. The content will also be present in other areas of the company premises. In addition, the brand package was handed over to all department-, group- and team-leaders, who will personally present its contents to all employees in the coming months.

Beck Charta

Brand promise

"I see it as one of my most important tasks to protect and further develop BECK’s corporate culture and values," explains General Manager Christian Beck the motivation behind the process. The successful balancing act between pioneer and innovation driver in the fastening industry serves as a model for the goal of the modern employer brand BECK, which he himself looks forward to with enthusiasm:

“It is sometimes a fine line to preserve the culture and values of a roughly 120-year-old and proud family business and to make the culture a modern, vibrant, progressive, creative, and collaborative workplace. While I view our history as an incredible legacy and solid foundation of who we are, few things bring me as much joy as evolving our culture together with the many dedicated and passionate people in our organization.”

Christian Beck
General Manager & CEO, BECK