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Two PTIA Awards for BECK

BECK is the recipient of two Pro Tool Innovation Awards in 2021.
18. October 2021
Beck won two PTIA awards

We received them for the patented DIAMOND COATED Joist Hanger Nails in the Fasteners category and the ET&F® 500 Series Framing Nailers in the Tools - Nailers category.

“It’s hard to imagine you can make a nail that is capable of sinking easier and holding stronger, but that’s exactly what The BECK Group accomplished with their diamond-coated nails. While these are not brand new, what is exciting is you can now get joist hanger nails with the diamond coating. With this technology, you can now have even more confidence in those hangers holding stronger than ever.”

judges' statement
(Translated by BECK)

“ET&F® Fastening System’s 500-series steel framing nailers are all about reliability. For wood to steel framing, the Model 500 uses pins up to 2-1/2” long and operates much faster than a screw gun doing the same job thanks to a bump fire mode. The Model 510 also delivers fasteners up to 2-1/2” and takes care of everything with just one tool. Plywood, gypsum, fiber cement, vinyl, and more are all on the menu. Whatever material you’re attaching to a steel frame, ET&F® has you covered.”