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LIGNOLOC® wins the Sustainable Product of the Year award at Torque-Expo 2022 - RAIMUND BECK KG / Austria

The Torque-Expo Awards recognize achievements and accomplishments as well as innovative products developed with sustainability and environmental impact in mind. --- (Image - f.l.t.r.: Simon Wright, Head of Business Development (UK) & Marketing OPTIMAS, presented the award to Colin Jeffcoate, Sales Director YB Fixings, who received it on behalf of Raimund Beck KG. Photo: Torque-Expo)
29. June 2022
Torque Award Beck Lignoloc

As described in the award statement: “Beck unveiled its wooden collated nail system a number of years ago and has this year developed the sustainable range again, this time adding headed nails to the range, developed for façade construction in particular. These efficient metal-free nails are made with renewable beech wood, combining performance and sustainability. They are ideal for the increasing number of construction projects that want to use entirely sustainable or recyclable fastening systems.”

“We are very pleased to have received this award for our LIGNOLOC® wooden nail system at the same time as the German Innovation Award in Gold. The award is not only a special recognition for us, but also a powerful motivational boost to consistently drive forward our mission of the 360 degree ecologization of timber construction. Although our new wooden nail with head was developed specifically for the façade, it is also suitable for many other applications indoors and outdoors and proves that ecological timber construction is just as easy to implement outdoors as it is indoors,” says Managing Director Christian Beck, delighted about the award.

Portrait Christian Beck
CHristian beck
General Manager & CEO

The Torque-Expo Awards, celebrating the fastener and tool industries, took place at Torque-Expo at the Exhibition Centre at Telford, UK, in May 2022. Colin Jeffcoate, Sales Director of “YB Fixings”, our LIGNOLOC® partner in the UK, accepted the award on behalf of Raimund Beck KG. The award was sponsored and presented by OPTIMAS.