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LCLT – LIGNOLOC® in and at the Architecture Biennale 2021 in Venice

A solid wooden table is the eye-catcher at the booth of at the Architecture Biennale 2021 in Venice/Italy. BECK is the main sponsor of, a project of the Hyperlocal Workshop, also representing LIGNOLOC®, the collated wooden nail system. The table made with LIGNOLOC® is showcased at the Biennale until November 21, 2021.
25. August 2021
Beck collage solid wood table

LIGNOLOC® wooden nails offer the possibility of building ecologically high quality wooden elements. The environmentally friendly fasteners are ideal for the production of multi-layer mass timber panels and replace aluminium nails and wooden dowels.


The table for the Biennale exhibition was built in the so-called LCLT = LIGNOLOC® Cross Laminated Timber construction method (metal and glue-free cross-laminated timber elements). The table-top and base are made of European spruce wood. The LIGNOLOC® wooden nails used in this case have a diameter of 4.7 mm and a length of 65 mm. With the manual LIGNOLOC® F60 pneumatic nailer from FASCO®, two nails were shot in at each intersection.

Temporal House at the architecture biennale 2021: Project presentation and solid wood table at the biennale


There are currently several projects in progress in which CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) is manufactured with LIGNOLOC® wooden nails in addition to gluing. In the production process that has been customary up to now with adhesive alone, the necessary use of a press and the duration of the adhesive drying result in a waiting time of around one hour. By using LIGNOLOC® wooden nails, production time can be shortened. This means advantages for the industry in terms of time savings and environment-friendliness.

What is new in this innovative process is that each new layer of timber is connected to the layer below with LIGNOLOC® wooden nails. The nail connection should apply and hold the contact pressure necessary for the adhesive to cure. This measure means that the wall does not have to remain in a waiting position, but can continue to follow the production process. The combination of glue and nail should later be able to absorb the necessary shear forces.

Beck Lignoloc NCLT

LIGNOLOC® wooden nails used in LCLT production


LIGNOLOC® wooden nails can be processed with manual tools and offer smaller companies the opportunity to manufacture their own metal-and-adhesive-free timber elements, which represents a higher added value. Materials nailed with LIGNOLOC® are also easier to recycle at the end of their life cycle. Free of steel, they can be shredded in a way that is gentle on the tools and recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. It is precisely this fact that also plays a major role in the project.

PASSIVE HOUSE CONCEPT TEMPORAL.HAUS, a climate refugee housing and mobile food pavilion designed by Hyperlocal Workshop (Colorado), addresses the projected massive migration in coming decades by global climate change. It is a carbon-neutral and net positive for onsite energy design proposal meeting at the intersection of climate change and shifting populations.

Designed as a mixed use, urban midrise building in the heart of Los Angeles, the seven-story tower’s structural and insulation system acts as a carbon sequestering instrument, via timber, straw, and organic waste materials. Using BECK LIGNOLOC® wooden nails, the three-story building’s base uses a novel Cross Diagonal Laminated Timber podium with floor panels made from Nail Laminated Timber. This eliminates the use of glue and significantly reduces the amount of steel to improve the structure’s capacity for reuse. All information about at:

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