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Markus Achleitner, regional minister for economic affairs - Factory tour at BECK

Innovations and sustainable products - on his trip through the district of Braunau, Markus Achleitner, Regional Minister for Economic Affairs, also visited the BECK company in Mauerkirchen, which has recently made a name for itself with a number of innovations in the field of fastening technology.
06. June 2021
Beck Achleitner Dickow

BECK CEO Christian Beck also welcomed Ferdinand Tiefnig, Member of the State Parliament, and Andrea Holzner, Member of the Federal Council, to the meeting with Markus Achleitner.

BECK R&D Director Stefan Siemers, COO Marcus Dickow, CFO Markus Auer and Christian Beck presented the company's innovations to the interested politicians. The focus was on LIGNOLOC® – the wooden nail system with technical approval, which the visitors could experience in action directly at the workbench.


Next stop: INMOTION – the new sliding device for pneumatic tools - the fence staples system, the gabion hog ring system and the entire SCRAIL® nail screw fasteners product range.

Touring the factory halls, the delegation inspected the production of staples, nails and aluminum clips and got a comprehensive picture of the wide range of products produced and collated in Mauerkirchen.

Markus Achleitner was impressed by the dynamism and innovative potential of the companies in the Braunau district.

“ What we saw at BECK today is unbelievable. Wooden nails that ultimately revolutionize the whole construction. Screws that are shot but can be unscrewed again and much more. These are the innovations that make these companies so successful - like here in the fourth generation - and that also characterizes the entire Braunau district. "


Markus Achleitner
Austrian Economics Councilor

The press release with images for online and print can be found in the press folder.